Specialist in Disposable Hygiene Converting Machinery

ZZ Group, established in 1988, was located in well-developed Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. We are engaged in the manufacturing of hygiene disposable equipment for feminine pads, underpad, nursing pad, etc. Disposable sanitary products are diverse and different customers have different demands, so we provide you with custom equipment service. You propose the requirements, we provide custom design to meet your demands and the related configuration list to help you better understand the equipment performance. We will also give profession suggestions.

    1. Custom Engineering
    2. Custom Engineering ZZ Group Company is an experienced manufacturer of sanitary disposable equipment, capable of providing you the most demanding custom machines.
    1. Professional Counselling
    2. Professional Counselling ZZ Group Company can provide you not only sanitary disposable equipment, but also professional counselling services like operation instructions, market analysis, etc.
    1. Quality Assurance
    2. Quality Assurance ZZ Group Company has attached great importance to the product quality since its establishment in 1988.